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This is the reason why we love our pets so much and why we believe so strongly in helping all animals.
Put yourself in this dog's place. Thousands of dogs suffer this same thing every day.

Diary of an Abandoned Dog

First week:
Today I am one week old. What a joy it is to be born into this world!

One month:
My Mom takes good care of me. She´s terrific.

Two months:
Today is Christmas. They took me away from my Mom today. She was very sad and said good-bye to me with her eyes hoping that my new "human family" would take just as good care of me as she did. They brought me in with a lot of fuss. Everyone was carrying me and petting me while laughing and telling me that I was so cute! I´m sure they´ll love me very much.

Four months:
I´ve grown up very fast - everything grabs my attention: there´s lots of kids in the house that to me are my little brothers. We´re very playful. They pull on my tail, and I play-bite them.

Six months:
Today I was scolded. My owner got angry because I peed in the house, but they´ve never shown me where I should do it. Also, I sleep in the bedroom. I couldn´t hold it in any longer!

Eight months:
Even though they won´t let me in the bedrooms, I am a very happy dog. I have the warmth of a home, and I feel so safe and protected. I think my human family loves and babies me a lot. I stay on the patio, and I scrape around for my food like my wolf ancestors when they hide my food. They never say anything to me or teach me what´s right; everything I do should be all right.

Twelve months:
Today I turned one year old. I am an adult dog now. My owners say I grew a lot more than they had expected. How proud they must be of me!

Thirteen months:
I felt so terrible today! My little brother took my ball away from me. I never take his toys, so I tried to take it back, but my jaws have become very strong, and I hurt him without meaning to. Afterwards, they chained me up so that I could barely move. They say they´re going to have to watch me very closely because I am a dangerous and ungrateful animal. I don´t understand anything of what´s happening.

Fifteen months:
Nothing is the same anymore... I live on the roof. I feel very alone. My family doesn´t love me anymore. Sometimes they forget that I get hungry and thirsty up here. When it rains, I don´t even have antyhing to shelter me.

Sixteen months:
Today they took me down from the roof; surely my family has forgiven me. I got so very happy and was jumping around for joy. My tail was wagging so fast. What´s more is that they´re going to take me on a walk. We went straight for the highway when suddenly they stopped. They opened the door and I got out, happily thinking that we would have our family picnic day like before. But nobody got out with me. I couldn´t understand it when they closed the door and drove away. LISTEN! WAIT!... I barked... THEY FORGOT ABOUT ME. I ran behind the car with all the strength I had. My sorrow rose up in me as I realized that I was almost about to faint and that they were not going to stop. THEY HAD ABANDONED ME!

Seventeen months:
I have tried in vain to find the way back to my house. I feel very bad, very sad, and am lost. On the way, I find good-hearted people that look at me with sympathy and give me something to eat. I thank them with my eyes from the bottom of my soul. I would like that they pick me up and adopt me, and I would be loyal and loving like never before. But they just say "poor puppy" and walk away.

Eighteen months:
The other day, I passed by a school and saw a lot of young kids like my little brothers. I went up to a group of them. Laughing, they threw a shower of rocks at me to see who had the best aim. One of the rocks hit me in the eye and since then, I can´t see out of it... it hurts a lot.

Nineteen months:
It feels like just a fantasy when I think about how healthy I was and that everyone cared about me. Now I´m very skinny - my apearance has completely changed. I lost my eye and the people hit me with brooms when I try to lay down in some shade.

Twenty Months:
I can barely move. Today, while trying to cross the street where there´s a lot of cars, one ran over me. I thought I was in a safe place called a roadside ditch, but I´ll never forget the look of satisfaction on the face of the driver when he swerved the car as far possible to the side to "tire-track" me. I wish it would have killed me, but it only dislocated my hip. The pain is terrible, my back paws don´t respond when I try to move them, and it was with difficulty that I crawled to a little patch of grass on the side of the road.

I´ve been here 10 days under the sun, the rain and the cold without eating. I am no longer able to move. The pain is unbearable. I feel very bad; I ended up in a damp place, and my hair is falling out. Some people pass by, but they can´t even see me. The ones that do see me say "get away, don´t come near me." Now I´m practically unconscious, but some strange force made me open my eyes. The sweetness of her voice made me react...

"Poor doggie, look at how they´ve left you," she said. With her came a man in a white uniform. He started to touch me and said, "I´m sorry Miss, there is nothing we can do for this dog. It´s better that he no longer suffer."

Tears began to stream down the face of the kind-hearted woman and she agreed. As best as I could, I moved my tail and looked at her, thanking her for helping me to rest. I only felt the small sting of the needle, and I fell asleep wondering..........WHY WAS I BORN IF NOBODY WANTED ME?

Story told by Ruth Izcabalzeta Ormond
Mexico City

The solution isn´t killing or much less abandonment, which is an inhumane act on the part of man - the solution is to avoid unwanted puppies being born. Call any protection society to inform them of animals that need to be sterilized.

OH MISTER! We ask you, our human brothers and sisters, to give us the privilege of NOT BEING BORN until you can asure us that we will have a home and master who will protect us. Ensure us the right to live as much as possible to enjoy life.